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Red Fang



You're missing out if you haven't seen the video directed by Whitey McConnaughy of Red Fang's "Prehistoric Dog." But even without the imagery of the band donning beer-can armor to demolish a group of Society for Creative Anachronism dudes, the song is a heavy duty gem.

Besides "Preshistoric Dog," the band's eponymous album sports titles like "Night Destroyer," "Bird On Fire" and "Wings of Fang," and its galloping guitar and distorted bass makes it the perfect soundtrack to a Viking battle. But not just any Viking battle—one that involves mythical events like flying on the back of a fire-breathing dragon.


All in all, the album's epic sound keeps it cohesive, but each track is diverse enough to stay fresh. "Reverse Thunderstorm" spirals into a hurricane of angular guitars and a muddy storm of drums and bass. "Whales and Leeches" weds slo-mo rhythms with chiming riffs as creepy as hell's version of a lullaby.

It's a monstrous patchwork of old Metallica-style roughage, grunge coolness and Melvins' sludge, without being derivative. Though, while listening to the album recently a friend of mine said, "This is what the Melvins wish they could do." Oh, snap! I hate to say it, but it might be true.

Red Fang plays the Palace Tuesday, Sept. 29, at 9 PM with Kylesa, Saviours and Sunshine for Orphans. $12/$10 advance.


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