Friendly reminder: For every Hipster® residing in Portland, Ore., there are four pasty bastards in black hoodies drinking Hamm's by the rack, smoking grass, and pissing their pants who have forgotten more about Poison Idea than you ever knew. Gosh bless 'em, those are the kick axe heavy rockers called Red Fang.


Normally, the word accessible is used either negatively (by me, anyway) or to describe a wheelchair ramp, but the Herculean guitar riffage and the carpet bomb-like castigation provided by this rhythm section are as accessible and, most importantly, as brutal as anything going on in rock and roll. Add to that the complementary textures of dueling vocalists (throaty bellows vs. urgent wails) and elegant, melodic arrangements, and you've got yourself a band with a plan for world domination. Yeah, I'm saying the Fang's sophomore release, Murder in the Mountains, is elegant, including the sludgy, Melvins-meets-Alice in Chains, "Throw Up."

Speaking of throwing up, the "Prehistoric Dog" video from the band's eponymous debut is the greatest tribute to alcoholism and live action role-play of all time. In fact, if you don't like it you won't like Red Fang; if you do, it's because you recognize the simple sophistication of a band vomiting on their living room floor.

Red Fang plays the Palace Friday, May 27, at 9 PM with Tidal Horn and Lb.!. $8.


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