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Red Fang

Whales and Leeches



The purpose of Red Fang is to kill you by making your head move back and forth. This much is obvious. Where a lot of novices slip up, though, is in assuming that the best way to kill you is to make you bang your head quickly. In fact, you can kill many more metal fans by making them bang their heads hard. Scholars call this the heavy/hard dichotomy, and it is the defining conflict of metal.

I personally cleave to the heavy side, with the Melvins and whatnot, which is probably why I like Red Fang's new Whales and Leeches. From the mercilessly compelling "DOEN" through the closing "Little Twist," Whales and Leeches is all about the rhythm section. The rolling beats, which a lamer band might call grooves, are as deep and propulsive as anything by The Who, if you melted The Who with flaming pitch. If you would like to melt The Who with flaming pitch, go out and listen to Whales and Leeches immediately. If you are a sea leviathan, do the same thing but remain in the ocean. Those who are super into Cannibal Corpse can safely stay home.

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