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Experimental noise has been around a lot longer than one might think. It evolved from the early "musique concrete," John Cage or Karlheinz Stockhausen-styled avant garde works, then took a sharp turn in the late '70s and early '80s in Japan with collectives like Hijokaidan and Incapacitants or artists like Merzbow. They created an apocalypse of sound through a searing wash of rhythmless electronic abuse. The influence crept slowly on to American soil throughout the late 1980s and '90s, when tiny exclusive labels popped up in practically non-existent numbers, issuing handfuls of limited cassettes, CDs or records. Experimental music took another major turn in the birth of Michigan's influential Wolf Eyes, a three-piece unit that actually gave the scene a face and some coherency. It was a mesh of horror sound in sharp manipulated electronic pulses, with demonic lyrics that drove a wedge in "independent music." Wolf Eyes member Nate Young has a prolific solo career under other monikers such as Demons and Hatred, runs a busy record label, Aryan Asshole, and produces hand cut records with a lathe machine to release limited and absolute works of art. Nate is stopping in Missoula with his latest project, Regression, to dole out some hypnotic electro confusion for those needing a mental rewiring or just to get sonically scared shitless.

Missoula news

Regression plays the VFW Thursday, Dec. 1, at 9 PM with Drainolith and Atrocity Singers. $5.



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