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Reverend Horton Heat

The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds



Stopping by your favorite watering hole after work, or maybe a hard-fought softball game? That's when cold draft beer acts as a catalyst, the barley glue that binds us all together in our drinking establishment of choice, where we celebrate life, accomplishment, friendship, or maybe just a crisply turned double play.

For me, nothing provides a better soundtrack to a few pints of locally brewed IPA than Reverend Horton Heat. On a payday Friday, hoist that frosty glass o' suds and start rubbernecking to The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds, an album that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping and your blood pressure running in the red. "Beer:30" will have you dancing on your stool, and "Nurture My Pig" should induce a bar-wide shout-along to the chorus. The hilarious songs will keep the laughter coming and the beer flowing. Set 'em up, bartender, and hit me with some more of those peanuts.


We live in an amazing era. Used to be you'd go to your neighborhood tavern and choose from maybe 200 songs on the old Seeburg. Now, with unlimited choices provided online, you can navigate your way to the perfect musical companion to your beer-drinking mood pretty much anywhere you are. Bottoms up!

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