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Rooster Sauce

Secret Order of the Donkey Shadows



There are a million reasons to fall in love with Secret Order of the Donkey Shadows. For one, the sound is exuberantly devoted to the ghoulish legacy of The Cramps and The Makers, while maintaining its originality. Second, each song sees a different member of Rooster Sauce taking the vocal reins to tell a wild story. Third, the songs are about creatures, drive-in double features, aliens and alter egos couched in R&B-tinged arrangements and injected with kookiness usually saved for Japanese garage bands.


In "My Kinda Love," General Lee belts out the bluesy line, "If I'm Han Solo, she's the carbon freeze. I'm the record and she's the needle scratchin' me." In "Creature Feature Attraction Distraction," David Lee sounds like Vincent Price. And Sara Lee's "Surfin Song" about sea monsters feels so old-school.

Given so many self-serious bands trying to be King Cool of the indie rock mountain, it's refreshing to listen to a band that doesn't seem obsessed with vanity. This album is funny and fun and that, my friend, is what "cool" means.

Rooster Sauce plays a CD release show at Localfest in Caras Park Saturday, May 15, at 6 PM. Free.

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