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Rose Gold



Rose Gold is the sort of pop music picnic that most would call "indie," but don't let that nomenclature dissuade you from taking in this outfit fronted by stylish bassist and vocalist Birdie Bowie. On a track such as "Ghosts," the trio's sound would fit well on any '90s-era episode of MTV's "120 Minutes," with repetitive, squawking guitar hooks reminiscent of The Edge's better work, and Bowie's voice making pretty little noises.

While "Ghosts" and the other tracks available on the Rose Gold bandcamp page are raw and under-produced, the songwriting skills are evident and the earworm riffs will follow you to the grave. "Atom Bomb" slowly builds momentum with some sneaky drum work and repetitive guitar riffage. Here, Bowie does her best Heavens-to-Betsy-era Corin Tucker impersonation, and that ain't a bad thing. "Bruised Fruit" continues the riot grrrl feel with atmospheric and fuzzed-out guitars buzzing over Bowie's refrain, "Purity is easy when they hang you from the tree / I'm starving." The musicianship is generally more adept than most of those celebrated riot grrrl outfits. While the influences of that movement are obvious, Rose Gold is its own thing, ready to move on to the big city.

Rose Gold plays Stage 112 Fri., Sept. 20, at 9:30 PM with Monks on Fire and Swamp Ritual. $3.

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