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Ross Logan

Secrets of Marindahl


Ross Logan’s Secrets of Marindahl is an album with an identity crisis. This is unfortunate given that there are some real gems that get lost in the fracas; if the entire album was comprised of songs like “Drifting,” a beautiful, polished, excellently harmonized ballad about coal trains, highways and heartache, Logan would have a real winner. As it stands, this acoustic treat gets buried amid a frenetic jumble.

Logan claims to be influenced by various artists— from Jack Johnson to Against Me! to Kurt Cobain—and their styles are apparent, but so are those of now-defunct Dispatch, Counting Crows and a too-many-to-name cadre of angst-rock bands. Logan is a skilled lyricist, however, and that fact isn’t overshadowed by his stylistic diversity. He sings about topics both timeless and timely. The tunes themselves are melodic and well composed, if a bit rough around the edges. And, while Logan is no virtuoso, he is creative, passionate and, despite the musical variety, maintains a fairly constant ethos throughout. Give Logan some time to iron out the kinks and, like some of his tracks, he’ll be a diamond in the rough himself.

Ross Logan plays Lake Missoula Cellars Friday, Jan. 23, at 7:30 PM. $5.

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