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Salvage building



“Salvage logging” has been a buzz phrase for the logging industry in the wake of forest fires, but now a new Missoula non-profit, Home Resource, hopes that “salvage building” will experience a similar swell in popularity.

Salvage building, as practiced by Home Resource, applies the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy to home construction.

Matthew Hisel, co-founder, says, “Our mission is to reduce waste and to make affordable building materials available for home improvement and community revitalization.”

Upon graduating from UM with a master’s from the EVST program, Hisel met up with Home Resource co-founder Lauren Varney at Bernice’s Bakery in January. Varney had been laid off from his carpentry job, and both men were looking for a way to encourage sustainable building practices.

The materials at Home Resource’s warehouse, located at 825 West Kent St. (behind the Holliday Village Shopping Center), include doors, windows, sinks, bathtubs, cabinets and raw materials.

Varney invited the Independent along for a “pick-up,” whereby his two-man non-profit gained several windows and a countertop from donor Ryan Alter on Easy St. in East Missoula, as well as 16 doors from the Jackson Contracting Group, which is remodeling the Front St. Theater in Missoula.

Donors can receive a tax deduction for their donations—a benefit Varney hopes will encourage more donations and fewer landfill trips.

“People in the building industry know how much goes to waste,” Hisel says. “Forty percent of the materials that go into landfills are construction materials. That’s huge. If we really want to make a dent in [landfills], we have to be working on our construction materials, not just our glass, plastic and those things.”


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