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Sam Alderson

Yellow Rose



You could probably listen to Yellow Rose on a dreary, rainy day or on a lazy sun-filled weekend lying in the grass, but either way it seems best as a soundtrack for dreamy stillness.

Former local Sam Alderson apparently wrote and recorded the entire album while living in Argentina over the last year. It's a debut, and sometimes it feels like one, teetering a little too precariously on the line separating college dorm recording from legitimate singer-songwriter. In the end, though, it's an intriguing effort. The lyrical turns and catchy choruses give it wings, and it's easy to like it the more you listen.


In "Rudy's Rockin," Alderson adds muted claps and hand drum thumps for texture. But it's images of Chinese dragon kites and good lines like, "Empty clouds and a cross-eyed sun, takin' me away from everything I love," that really make a strong impression. (Surprisingly, it doesn't really seem to be about Missoula's Rockin Rudy's despite mention of a record store.)

"Who Are You" is the catchiest tune and "Guitar String Tattoo" tells the best story. What I love most is how each song gives a visceral snapshot with a faint idea behind it while never beating a dead horse.


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