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If you hang around Missoula long enough, you start to develop a list of local bands you miss. Most simply dissolve or disband, others get pushed aside for different projects and a few muster up the courage to tackle bigger markets (read: Portland, Seattle) in search of fame, fortune or, at the very least, new groupies. My list of most-missed Missoula bands isn't nearly as lengthy as others, but This is a Process of a Still Life is on it.

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The atmospheric instrumentalists made an impression mostly because, at the time, they were the only locals doing the atmospheric instrumentalist thing well. But Seattle beckoned, and in 2008 they headed west with a new name and, eventually, a new lineup.

Turns out there's also a bit of a new sound. Process fans won't be disappointed, but Scriptures has a darker edge that didn't exist before. That's what moving to the big city does, I guess.

The quintet's eponymous full-length debut sounds like the score to a Cormac McCarthy novel made into a blood-soaked, sepia-toned Western. Like the old band's best work, there's a breadth and direction from song to song that allows you to picture the film as clearly as if it were on the Wilma's screen.

Now, if only we could get Scriptures on a local stage, too.



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