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Normally, when a band emphasizes the process of writing music, they are warning you that the product is going to suck. On paper, Seawhores is a recipe for insanity. Since 1996, the band has consisted of high school friends Cody Weigel and Adam Marx, plus a drummer. Who that drummer is has varied; sometimes it's Coady Willis from Big Business via video chat. The drums on some tracks are a recording of something played in a rehearsal studio or as part of a different song during a live show. And that's just the drums—the other elements of Seawhores' music are even more relentlessly weird.

And yet they rock. Seawhores sounds like what Ministry might have been if it were more interested in metal than in Al Jourgensen. It's an eerie combination of samples, sludgy low ends and thrash rhythms. Sometimes it sounds like black metal, and sometimes it sounds frighteningly reminiscent of Bon Jovi, but it almost always threatens the stability of your face in a way that fans of the Melvins will recognize. Seawhores proves that experiments can succeed and that creativity and craftsmanship go together. It's not just a clever name.

Seawhores plays Total Fest Fri., Aug. 16, at the Badlander/Palace complex. See our festival coverage for more info or go to

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