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The new EP from Brooklyn's Shigeto (aka Zach Saginaw) is both dreamy and narcotic, but you wouldn't want to snooze to it. That's because this is cutting-edge electronic music that's cooked up in the framework of jazz, and showcases skittery hip-hop cuddled in gorgeously layered soundscapes. The title track sets the mood with shimmery synth chords (and what sounds like electric piano) hovering over a snaky beat with shifty percussion and sliced field recordings. Fans of off-kilter, electronic-meets-hip-hop artists like Flying Lotus will drool over this tune. Further along this head trip, "A Child's Mind" initially sounds like a free jazz electronic freakout session but then segues into a danceable uptempo number featuring standup bass and melodies created by various bell sounds. I imagine Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis getting down to this track in a smoke-filled club in some alternate universe.

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Lineage is the kind of record that could turn snobby jazz purists into bona fide beatheads, thanks in part to the fact that Saginaw studied jazz for six years. Saginaw has some seriously inventive licks up his sleeve.

Shigeto plays the Palace Sat., Feb. 18, with Mux Mool and locals Bock's Elder and Sounds!ThatHappen. $10/$7 advance plus fees at Ear Candy and, with a $5 surcharge for those ages 18-20.


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