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Showtime for Sasquatch

Flathead Film



If this were a movie, they’d be seconds away from the climax.

It’s been nine months since BadFritter Films began work on Paper Dolls, a psychological thriller about killer Sasquatches in the Flathead National Forest, which they shot in and around Whitefish.

The fledgling film company comprises twenty-something Whitefish natives (with the exception of one Idahoan) who managed to pull together a budget topping $1 million and several old Hollywood hands to help with cinematography and costumes. BadFritter finished filming back in August, spent the last few months editing Paper Dolls, and moved to Los Angeles two weeks ago to put the finishing touches on the film.

Adam Pitman, one of BadFritter’s founding members, says his last two weeks in L.A. have been spent doing grunt work. He says he had to take a crash course in “time code burn-in,” the painstaking process of attaching a time to each frame of the film.

That work clears the way for the sound designer, who will improve the quality of the Sasquatch noises, and for special effects and computer animation to be added.

In a couple weeks, Pitman says, BadFritter will have an “offline edit”—a draft of the film not quite ready for theaters, but good enough for distributors to decide whether or not they want it. The distributor’s job, aside from paying for the final “online” edit, is to get the film out to the potential audience.

Already, Pitman says, he’s had a call from Spotlight Pictures, a distribution company that specializes in independent films, and usually works to place them in film festivals.

So far, Pitman says, he and the rest of the crew have been enjoying the switch from Whitefish to L.A.

Besides being able to wear shorts and see the sun more than occasionally, Pitman says, “I get to go see any movie I want to see.”

And as far as work on the film, he says, “I feel like everything is lining up just the way it should.”


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