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On his debut, local rapper and producer Siditious (aka Sid Bostwick) balances seriousness, silliness and a plethora of influences for an album that’s as entertaining as it is original.

Songs like “Thanks,” a track about relationships gone sour, tread a fine line between brutal honesty and sarcastic playfulness. Other cuts, like “Not So Innocent” and “Little Stoner Chick,” up the ante on absurdity and hilarity. The former tells a tale of a neighborhood girl gone bad and includes Siditious crooning “the sex tape of your daughter/it’s on the Internet,” while on the latter he professes his love and adoration for a pothead.

Musically, Siditious tips his hat to a variety of genres, including various strands of rap like hyphy, contemporary R&B, as well as elements of electronic music like breakbeat and techno. It makes for a hybrid sound all his own.

Electricity isn’t without its faults. Various musical elements seem too loud in the mix, while Siditious’ vocals—as well as a handful of guest rappers—are drowned out at certain points, making it hard to discern the meaning of some songs.

Otherwise, this debut is an interesting and often amusing approach to contemporary rap. (Ira Sather-Olson)

Siditious performs during a CD release party at The Other Side Saturday, April 11, at 9 PM with Pat Maine and Limits and Boundaries. $5.

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