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Signal Path

Imaginary Lines


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Ryan Burnett and Damon Metzer comprise the "live electronic" duo Signal Path, a former Missoula band that's been at the forefront of the national electronic scene since the early 2000s. The group released its latest effort, Imaginary Lines, in September and it's available for free via the band's website—a pretty good offer, really, considering what you get in return.


While much of the current electronica genre seems to be made in an inorganic realm, Signal Path effectively marries sputtering blips and rustic strings into one cohesive, intriguing sound. Songs such as "Love You Like Cash" and "Cree" showcase their affinity for earthier tones, while "Mystery of the Yeti" and "Western Moon" display an electric guitar/buzz saw synthesizer interplay evocative of Brian Eno's early collaborations with Robert Fripp.

At times, however, Imaginary Lines suffers from the electronica cliché of inserting seemingly random sound clips (hear the last minute or so of "Verbal Yes" to get a better idea). But with a wide and rich array of instrumentation and a production mix that needs to be listened to on headphones to get the full effect, Imaginary Lines is detailed and accessible enough for plenty of satisfying listens.

Signal Path plays the Wilma Theatre Thursday, Oct. 28, at 8 PM, with Designer Drugs, Kraddy & E-Team. $25/$20 advance at Rockin Rudy's.



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