Staff Pick: BEST TROLL

The ink was hardly dry on rapid-fire press releases announcing Logjam Presents' new KettleHouse Amphitheater and, not to be outdone, Big Sky Brewing's revamped concert stage and grounds, and Missoulians could be forgiven for resting their satire detectors while we basked in a surfeit of almost-too-good-to-be-true live music news. But because a quality troll is all about the timing, that's precisely when Montgomery Distillery piped in with a press release announcing its own imminent entry into the amphitheater arena with a funicular-accessible venue perched above the M—soon to stand for "Montgomery"—on Mount Sentinel. "Not only will this be the largest venue in Montana, accommodating roughly 30,000 concert-goers," the spoof release claimed, "but it will definitely be the highest in elevation. We're going to be literally looking down on everyone." What Missoula no longer lacks in mid-size outdoor concert venues, it occasionally matches in a paucity of humor, and a commenter on the Indy's Facebook page couldn't help but weigh in with an earnestly dour, "And ruin our mountain." Well played, Montgomery Distillery. Well played.

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