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Staff Pick

A disclaimer from The New Hijackers on the band’s Facebook page reads: “The New Hijackers would like to apologize in advance to the families of the band members that are about to find out what their daughters have been talked into.” Indeed. The new rock band played its first show in May to a late-night, raucous crowd at the Palace. The New Hijackers members say their themes revolve around breaking up, murder, self-loathing and “being slathered in honey.” And clearly they’re influenced by an arena rock sound. Onstage, the quartet lets loose with headbanging and other hard rock antics. A sample lyric: “Welcome to the shit show. Get in line.”
Most won’t be surprised to learn the band includes Travis Yost, drummer of Tom Catmull and the Clerics and frontman for high-energy cover band The Fidgets. Some, however, may be shocked that the Hijackers also includes bluegrass crackerjacks Caroline Keys and Angie Biehl, members of the Broken Valley Roadshow, and Rebecca Sporman, an actress from the Montana Actors’ Theatre. Then again, if you know those girls’ wicked senses of humor well enough, it all makes perfect sense.

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