Staff Pick - Best Gelatinous Balls

Staff Pick

Admittedly, not everyone finds the idea of sipping deliciously sweet tea filled with edible gelatinous balls appetizing. But the signature Bubble Tea at Iza gives us a smile. The balls/bubbles are actually “tapioca pearls” made in-house at this new Asian restaurant on the Hip Strip. Those pearls are dropped into a glass filled with iced jasmine, Thai or green tea, and served by the pint with a thick, McDonald’s-like straw capable of vacuuming up the pearls. The traditional Thai drink—we first heard about bubble tea from a friend who visited Jakarta—beats the pants off of a boring Frappuccino. Once you get used to the idea of chewing parts of your tea—think of the balls as little tapioca gummy bears—the whole experience proves to be pure fun.
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