Staff Pick - Best Unisex Bathroom

Staff Pick

For those locked in a bathroom stall for the last four months, a protest group called Not My Bathroom attempted to make access to restrooms the focal point of Missoula’s new anti-discrimination ordinance. With all the talk of potties, we wanted to find the throne most inviting to anyone.

At the new Northside Kettlehouse, you’ll find a stick figure man etched in white standing conspicuously close to a stick figure woman on each of two bathroom doors. Inside, the rooms are clean, spacious and private. Somehow, despite the gender intermingling, Kettlehouse staffers say they haven’t had any problems.

“I hadn’t given it a lot of thought,” says co-owner Suzy Rizza. Some customers, like Beth Raboin, even prefer the unisex setup.

“I love the bathrooms, because you never know who you’re going to see,” she says.

It’s nice to know that genders across the spectrum may coexist, even when a urinal is involved.

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