Best Bands You’ll Never Hear Again

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The arguing was good-natured but earnest: Is “Vomit Cop” or “Traumaboner” a better band name? We may never know, but what’s for sure is that we’ll never see the likes of them again. At Rock ’n’ Roll Lotto, musicians threw their names into a drawing, and an esteemed local music authority randomly assigned them into bands. Everyone from Argentinean flute players to punk rock bassists were forced to play together. After a few weeks of practice, the show, featuring the eight bands that managed to stay together, was held at the VFW on Feb. 23. It could have been awful. But freed from the bonds of being serious or permanent, the bands cut loose, cliques were smashed and an excellent time was had. The show brought together people of nearly every stripe of local music, and injected life into the late-winter doldrums. The best band name was never decided. What was unanimous was that Rock Lotto must happen again.

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