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This past year, a spate of faux Twitter handles popped up to parody a handful of prominent state figures. Among our favorite fugazis was one billing himself as KimJongEssman. The trickster took aim at Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essman by linking the Republican’s allegedly tyrannical ways with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. One tweet from KimJongEssman accompanied an “I am sinistar” YouTube video featuring an animated demon saying, “Run, run, run coward,” and growling.

KimJongEssman would have won this category, but the account has been removed, leaving us only with cached pages and our second favorite faux handle, PrezEngstrmsBrd. The photo accompanying that account certainly looks like University of Montana President Royce Engtrom’s well-groomed chin, but the account surely isn’t linked to the man himself. One tweet: “Anyone ever tried Neither has R...#professionallookinprez.”

Despite the fact that PrezEngstrmsBrd and other faux handles use (or used) what would generously be called questionable humor, we see them as mostly an entertaining reprieve from the seriousness of public business, and look forward to what will likely be a slew of faux accounts to come.

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