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One thing that some people seem to overlook about Best of Missoula is that we have very little to do with it. Sure, we publish this big issue and design a fun cover and sell some ads and host a big celebration (July 11 at Caras Park, ahem), but it’s Indy readers who decide the winners of each category. If you don’t agree with one honoree, well, that’s on you.

Just how democratic is this whole process? We even turn over the last line of our ballot to letting you suggest the Best Category We Forgot. In years past, this has provided the inspiration for new categories (like Best Bar Food and Best Wings in 2013) and plenty of laughs. This year’s submissions are no different.

Everything submitted will be taken into consideration for 2014, but a few stood out. We could envision seeing things like Best Brunch, Best Burrito, Best Window Display and Best Local TV Commercial on a future ballot. Less likely would be Best Alley to Buy Drugs, but, you know, we do have a friend who’d like to know the answer. Best Make-out Spot has potential, as does Best Bar Bathroom—as long as it’s not the same answer. We’ll have to crunch the numbers on Best Accountant. And while we’re meticulously mulling over all of these options—and hundreds more—we’ll keep in mind another suggestion: Best Place to Pass Out.

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