Best Way to Discover Your Inner Unholy Roller

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Tricia Opstad’s Dance Church is nondenominational. In fact, there’s nothing really religious about the event except that it happens on Sunday mornings and it could be interpreted as a kind of spiritual release. Participants explore tempo, space and body shapes by way of a dance party—and who doesn’t love a dance party? The music selections often include Rostam, Daft Punk, Brian Eno, experimental electronic and piano instrumentals. Opstad does some light facilitating, encouraging people to experiment with ideas outside their usual dance moves, but for the most part, it’s a free-form experience.

Dance parties tend to happen late at night, after a few drinks and some lost inhibitions. But when you think about it, that seems so limiting. Letting loose in the morning is a totally valid way to inject energy into your day. The event starts up again in September, costs just $5 and begins at the lazy hour of 11 a.m. That gives you just enough time for breakfast and a cup of joe before getting down with your bad self. It’s as transformative as a Southern tent revival. Except you don’t have to believe a damn thing to have a good time.

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