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In case you hadn’t already figured it out, this whole Best of Missoula thing is entirely up to you. Not only do your votes determine who wins, but you actually get to decide the categories, too. Honest. Case in point: At the end of our already-long online ballot, the Indy asks voters to list the Best Category We Forgot. And even though you’ve already developed carpal tunnel from the 180-plus categories, you fill this out—and we take the suggestions into consideration for the following year. It’s worked like a charm in years past (hence new 2016 categories like Best Distillery and Best General Contractor), and our latest round shows that you still have good recommendations. We can certainly get behind Best First Friday Spread, Best Customer Service, Best Concert, Best Place to Get Pierced and Best Moment of the Year. Perhaps Best Ass and Best Oral Sex won’t make our ballot, but Best Pie is a pretty tasty idea. Overall, we received more than 200 suggestions for next year’s ballot, including Best Best of Missoula Voter. And while we don’t see that last one making the cut, we appreciate your enthusiasm, Samantha Trail, and everyone else who took the time to help us make the 2017 Best of Missoula issue even better.
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