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While their name may not be family friendly, Starfucker doesn’t dish out the death metal that their moniker might imply. Instead, this eponymous debut offers a healthy dose of catchy, indie-influenced synth-pop.

Opener “Florida” sets the head-bopping tone of the album, featuring innocuous vocals woven amongst electronic strings and the Casio-keyboard-esque drums that dominate all 11 songs. Central to this tune is the amusing overlay of a speech by British Buddhist Alan Watts debating, “What is a wiggle?” A circus-y song, “Myke Ptyson” is replete with plenty of electronic hand clapping and a texture reminiscent of old-school Nintendo. “Laadeeda” is a little like Radiohead on speed, and “German Love” is an ultra-poppy, syrupy confection that lends itself to a commercial for Starburst, or maybe Mentos. Final song “Isabella of Castille” is a real gem, and sounds somewhat like what the name “Starfucker” might conjure: To visualize this scratchy, synthesized minor tune is to see slow-motion fireworks exploding orgasmically among stars.

This definitely feels like a debut album. Starfucker doesn’t seem quite sure of its ethos yet, but it’s a remarkably catchy collection of tunes, and the name sure is fun to say. (Melissa Mylchreest)

Starfucker plays the Badlander Friday, Oct. 31, with Reverend Slanky, The Victory Smokes, Rooster Sauce and Black Velvet Elvis at 9 PM. $15/$12 advance.

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