Stevensville Crossing Fishing Access Site

Stevensville Crossing, aka the State Highway 269 (aka Stevi Cutoff Road) bridge over the Bitterroot River at Stevensville, is a fishing access site, parking area and boat launch on river-right of the Bitterroot River. The site also offers foot access to Stevensville River Park.

Stevensville Crossing is a popular Bitterroot River access for both canoeists and rafting fishermen, allowing easy day floats either from the Bell Crossing FAS upstream down to Stevi (6 miles), or from Stevi downstream to the Florence Bridge FAS (9 miles). Both stretches are packed with trophy trout, and catch-and-release only. The lower section, from Stevi to Florence, is largely bounded by the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge on river-right.

At normal flows, the super-scenic Bitterroot in this area is a slow and often shallow river punctuated with riffles, and with plenty of room for attentive boaters to maneuver around occasional sweepers. But high spring flows and recent downfall can make boating—as on much of the Bitterroot—a challenge to be taken seriously. Be careful out there.

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