Street Talk: The games we play



Asked Friday afternoon at the Southside KettleHouse

Q: This week we write about a local company and its line of board games. What was your favorite childhood board game? Follow-up: What game-night kind of game are you best at now?


Lori Bulmahn: It was a game called Acquire. You have a bunch of tiles and you build hotels. The goal is to choose wisely and pick the one that's going to dominate the board. Good pegsmanship: I have so many games that I play! Right now, I'd say cribbage. It's just luck with what cards you get, but I'm very strategic in how I lay them out.


Katie Benz: Mousetrap. There was nothing else like it, though I did hate how you set it all up, got to the end and had to set it all up again. Ready, set, draw: I'd say I'm pretty good at Pictionary. I'm a good guesser in that one, too.


Megan Williams: Monopoly. I definitely wanted to be the banker. It was a powerful feeling. Pick a name, any name: I'm really good at HedBanz. That's the one where you have a card on your forehead and you ask questions in order to figure out what the card says.


Andrew Valainis: Monopoly, for sure. Me and my buddy from elementary school, we'd have sleepovers and play two or three games in a night. Hop, skip and a nob: The thing I'm probably best at is cribbage. I play it all the time. [Ed. note: Valainis was playing cribbage during the interview].


Dave Renn: Probably Guess Who. My older brother and I played it all the time. I had a babysitter one time that I'm pretty sure cheated at it. Somehow. Busted streak: My wife and I have been playing this game Patchwork lately, and I've only lost once. But that was last time we played, so I guess I'm on a losing streak.


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