Street Talk: Just like real life, only on TV



Asked Tuesday at Great Burn Brewing

Q: On Saturday, Missoula was host to a casting call for extras in the upcoming television series Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner and set in Montana ranch country. Have you ever been on television or in the media before? Follow-up: If you could cast yourself in any television role, what would it be and why?


Dylan Foley: I actually was on Dutch TV. I walked in as a cheerleader for a punk group in 1998, for a band called Army of Darkness. This band was quite big in the Netherlands. I was part of the band—we would basically take people and throw them in the mosh pit. Extinguishing the torch: I would be the guy on Survivor, the main guy. That would be the most interesting job.


Aaron Sullivan: I made the news when I was in an accident on the Alberton Gorge one year. I left in a helicopter. Benevolent dictator: I would be the guy on The Apprentice who used to be Trump, but instead of firing people, I would give them jobs. You're hired! You're hired! And you're hired! An apprentice, like apprenticeships are supposed to be.


Brandon Schlueter: Nope. Special Agent: I think it would be fun to be on a crime mystery show like Criminal Minds. I would be David Rossi. He is one of the investigators.


Eric Pietrykowski: No. Genius baby: Stewie on Family Guy. He's always got a comment, he's always got something to say. That's who I most resemble, definitely not who I aspire to be.


Holliday Jeremiassen: No. Star, writer, producer, and director: Probably something that involves traveling around and history and beer. It's an idea my friends and I have had in the works forever.


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