Street Talk: What you can't live without, and what you can't wait to leave behind



Asked Monday afternoon at Caras Park

Q: This week, reporter Alex Sakariassen writes about a Bitterroot business that helps people plan how to get out of Dodge during an emergency. What's the one thing you'd make space for in your bug-out bag? Follow-up: What would you be happiest to leave behind?


Andrea Wodzinski: My first reaction is that I'd bring my dog. But she's too big. Besides that, my emergency inhaler. Bed of leaves: Maybe the mattress. We're realizing while on vacation that our mattress is really uncomfortable compared to all the others we've been sleeping on.


Ben Sromalski: I guess I'd bring my phone charger. My phone's got my music, my fantasy football. Word: Responsibilities of everyday life.


Charles Rainsdon: Water or a filtration system. You can survive a couple weeks without food if you need to. With water, after one day you're pretty well done. Power down: Cell phone. What would you really need it for? More weight, takes up more room.


Faith Wells: I would take a water filter so I could drink water and stay alive. School's out: I would be happy to leave behind all my junk that I carry around with me normally, like my school stuff. Binders and everything.


GiGi Rushmer: My dog. I'd make him fit because I can't live without him. He's a poodle. His name's Rambo. He'd save us. Mo' money, mo' problems: My bills.


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