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Streetlight People

Streetlight People


On their self-titled debut, Missoula’s Streetlight People mix indie pop, shades of punk and even traces of country music into a sound that should please the ears of any indie rock loving aficionado.

Comprised of a handful of members who play in local bands such as Rooster Sauce, March of the Black Queen and the now-defunct Danny’s Dilemma, Streetlight People combine tight musicianship with a knack for sometimes obscure and/or psychedelic lyrics.

On tracks like “I’m English,” chief songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Fletcher Reveley muses with the lyrics “She wants to lift a thousand pounds/ but I’m spending that much on an evening gown/they’re taxing my face/they’re taxing my frown/tonight,” while guitarist Dave Martens, bassist Thomas Pendarvis and drummer Will Wetzel churn out sounds reminiscent of bands like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, the Apples in Stereo and Pavement.

Thankfully, though, this release doesn’t sound like a copy of those aforementioned bands. In fact, these boys work their own flavor into the mix by use of instruments such as the lap steel guitar on cuts like “Old Station.”

And though it’s not a groundbreaking release, this eponymous debut is a promising and worthwhile effort from some seriously seasoned musicians.

Streetlight People play a CD release party at the Palace Sunday, May 10, at 8 PM, with Palace of Buddies, Dirt Yard and Halophile.

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