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Adult Education


Fifty years ago a group of union welders got together to start a series of continuing education classes. Years later that program grew into the Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center (DLLC), which now offers a plethora of educational opportunities to more than 9,500 adults each year through Missoula County Public Schools’ Adult Education Division.

But after five decades of offering an ever-changing course selection and helping adults earn their GEDs, the DLLC is looking for help steering the ship into the next decade. On May 3 they are hosting a focus group to ask current and prospective students to provide feedback on how the center is doing and how it can do better.

According to Jodie Rasmussen, the learning center’s adult education coordinator, the program is in the process of “taking a bigger look at who we are and what kinds of things we want to offer. Part of it is to refine our marketing a bit better, and we’re always trying to offer new classes to meet people’s needs.”

It’s not always easy for Rasmussen and others to come up with ideas for course offerings that Missoulians might be interested in. For example, according to Rasmussen, not enough students signed up for a recent course on video camera basics to make it viable. Yet a class called “Emotional and Cellular Clearing,” which promises to help students, “learn simple self-help techniques for clearing negative emotions, beliefs and traumas from [their] subconscious mind, brain and entire system,” filled up so quickly that Rasmussen added a second section.

DLLC is looking to grow and fine-tune the center’s course offerings, and they’re asking for help from the community. Rasmussen says the focus group is open to anyone interested in the future of MCPS Adult Education. Call 549-8765 by May 1 for more information and to RSVP.


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