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Sub Swara




In my mind, ninjas roam a misty forest under moonlight looking for their adversaries while Sub Swara's dubstep tune "Vagabond Knowledge" plays in the background. The dark, heavily percussive track reminds me of work by London producer Burial, with its hazy, late-night vibe. Despite the comparison, the track stands on its own, as does everything else on Triggers, which showcases this Brooklyn duo's propensity to combine the best parts of danceable electronic music with an aural curry consisting of dubstep, techno, hip hop, glitch hop, dancehall and South Asian music.


"In Ether" launches the journey with bleary minor key synths, a swinging dubstep beat, and a rumbling bass, which, funny enough, kind of sounds like flatulence. A few tracks later, political rhyme slingers Dead Prez spread the good word on "Speak My Language," which includes gritty bass and a weighty beat. But "Steam" is where things really pop off and gleam. It's a hybrid track that mixes techno and dubstep, and features antsy melodies paired with industrial strength hand percussion samples recorded in India. It's a captivating combo.

Variety is what drives Triggers. So buckle up, pay attention, and enjoy the trip. Just don't forget your dancing shoes.

Sub Swara plays the Palace Fri., March 18, at 9 PM with openers Milkcrate Mechanic, Kidtraxiom and Lui. $7/$12 ages 18–20.


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