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Sunday brunch at Draught Works



What it is: For the month of May, Draught Works and Burns St. Bistro teamed up for Sunday brunch. The BSB food cart served a different meal every week, and Draught Works delivered an accompanying beer cocktail. Rather than let the fun run out, the two businesses decided to continue the weekly brunch event for the rest of the summer.

What's on the menu: It changes every week. The Burns St. crew typically plans the meal around whatever they buy from the Clark Fork Market on Saturdays. The cocktails rotate, too, so you probably won't know what's in store until you show up.

  • photo by Michael Siebert

What it tastes like: Last week's cocktail was a That's What She Said Cream Ale Mimosa, which is Draught Works' signature cream ale mixed with orange juice and garnished with an orange sliceā€”a simple but delicious take on the classic beer and OJ pairing. Also available last Sunday: a Helles lager with muddled cucumber and lemonade.

What about the food? While the cocktails are delightful, if you're not pairing it with a meal, then you're not really getting the full experience. Last week's dish was a pork chop with applesauce, over-easy eggs and potatoes.

The details: While we can't give you exact prices due to the rotating nature of the menu, last week's brunch cost $13, with the cocktail adding another $5. It's a fair price for a Sunday hangover cure. See for yourself (hangover not required) at Draught Works, 915 Toole Ave., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays for the rest of the summer.

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