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Majesty Shredding



In 1991 I dreamt that Superchunk bassist Laura Ballance accepted my marriage proposal at the state fair as we skimmed down an undulating fiberglass slide atop chafing potato sacks. Superchunk's latest, Majesty Shredding, is no dream. Wait, it's a total dream. After nearly 10 years with but a dribble of new material, these fuzz-lovin' garage rockin' oldsters are back, big time, and here's what every other jack-a-muffin is gonna write: It's like they never left.


On "Crossed Wires" and "My Gap Feels Weird," the complicated is made to sound simple. Layers of distortion and feedback balance amongst a plethora of single note hooks and the jangle of less overdriven guitars, not to mention the myriad of kick!, pop!, bam! rhythmic changes. "Digging for Something" proves that, these days, songs absolutely have room for rad guitar solos. You know what there isn't room for? Lyrical clichés. Not once do the sincere vocals of Mac McCaughan mention Romeo or Juliet, yet his youthful voice will tumble through your mind for perpetuity. And don't even get me barking about the perfectly placed, "Oh-oh, ohs."

After a couple listens you may find yourself eyeing your fave color of Manic Panic down at Zumiez. The '90s are back. Deal with it.


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