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Get the Hell



With life so often feeling like an exercise in bouncing from calamity to misadventure, the dedicated rock 'n' roller needs to be able to cling to a few certainties. One is that the Supersuckers, the self-described Greatest Rock 'N Roll Band in the World, will deliver regular slabs of boot-to-the-teeth rock. The band has done it again with its latest, Get the Hell, which even offers as a title track what frontman Eddie Spaghetti calls "an anthem for the evacuation," for those of us who just want to turn our backs on all the b.s. in the world and split.

Supersuckers is a band that doesn't veer too far from the formula it established back in 1988. It's the usual catchy, uptempo rockers about finding and losing love, kicking ass and fucking up. Sometimes all in the same song. Get the Hell isn't going to win you over if you've tried the band on and it didn't fit, but it's a great place to start if you want to see what the band's music is all about. I've always found plenty of sweet turns of phrase amid all the tongue-in-cheek swagger of Spaghetti's lyrics, and learning to sing along for the live show is always a pleasure. With a re-tooled line-up and a fresh batch of tunes, this is a band primed to defend its impressive title.

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