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Surfer Blood



Surfer Blood really is a band for Missoula 20-somethings like myself—and not just because I happened to be re-watching "Twin Peaks" when their breakthrough first album, Astro Coast, came out in 2010 with a great track called "Twin Peaks." Rather, the band is a good fit because it represents the line between restless youth and getting up early every morning to make coffee for the suits. The writing is earnest and fun, but the arrangements are set up to get the job done.

Don't let the name fool you. There's no traditional lo-fi surf rock to be heard when the Florida band takes the stage. Tracks like "Fast Jabroni" hammers home a repetitive riff with creative and effective rhythms. It's treble-heavy, but the slight wash over John Paul Pitts' voice helps mellow out the tone. "Voyager Reprise," from 2011's Tarot Classics EP, dabbles a little further into synth—not to lead, but as an accent. That's where the EP's "Drinking Problem" gets in trouble. Pitts' baritone voice complements driving guitars, not unnecessary drum loops. The first track released from the upcoming Python, "Demon Days," is more promising and resembles Weezer, which is great. I miss Weezer.

Surfer Blood plays Stage 112 Thu., May 23, at 9 PM with Sick Kids XOXO. $15/$12 in advance at

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