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Shame Spiral



If I like a band right now, it probably falls into one of three categories: mathy/proggy, synthy/ dancy or "The '90s Are Back." And, if I were to shoehorn TacocaT's Shame Spiral into one of these categories, it would be "The '90s Are Back," which is accurate to the extent that TacocaT, like riot grrrl bands of yore, is concerned with teen girldom. That includes how to avoid heavy petting ("Leotard"), fear of death by toxic shock syndrome ("TSS"), bad style choices ("Muffin Top"), the usual—except that Tacocat is bratty and hilarious. Most first-generation grrrl bands were pretty un-funny. So where was TacocaT when I was in high school?


Still, this is not your older cousin's favorite '90s band (unless that band was Sasshole). TacocaT carries on a grand tradition of broad, in-your-face punk rock humor that first emerged on mainstream radar in the '80s with bands like The Go-Gos (in their dirtier, early period), Angry Samoans, Dead Kennedys and the Dead Milkmen. They just add a little more juice.

Because I'm old now, I can't promise that TacocaT will be on constant rotation at my house, but I'll be at the show when they come to town.

TacocaT plays the Zootown Arts Center Thursday, Oct. 8, at 9 PM with Punchy and the Knockouts, Vera, Mosquito Bandito and Country Legs.


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