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Only Mountain



Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away, a spaceship dance party is hopefully grooving to Only Mountain's second track, "Neon Beams," which showcases an effervescent melody perfect for watching stars fly by at light speed. Welcome to Los Angeles producer Take's version of the future, where electronic beats flirt with angular synthesizer themes at the Star Wars cantina.


At first, Only Mountain comes off as a fairly standard contribution to the realm of downtempo electronica, enjoyable but bereft of any substance that will really captivate the listener's attention. Repeat plays, however, feel like searching through a painter's box of supplies in attempts to figure out which colors they blended to create a particular hue. "Quartz for Amber" drops a beefy hip-hop beat guaranteed to make heads bob, and the dubstep track "Begin End Begin" exhibits a sense of true musical inflection lost on many producers in the field. The nearly subliminal melodies that weave their way through the record often take on an orchestral feel, or possess a jazzier flavor.

This isn't rave music; this is a producer dedicated to the art of composition who knows how to manipulate the subtle intricacies of his craft with tact.

Take plays KBGA's End-of-Thon at the Palace, Friday, Feb. 18, at 9 PM with TOKiMONSTA and BOOtZ. $5/$7 for those under 21.


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