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That 1 Guy


That 1 Guy
The Moon is Disgusting
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Imagine a Dr. Seuss story sung with the glamorous growl of David Bowie, wrapped in a cosmic composition by, say, Frank Zappa.  Imagine themes of fruit, mustaches, butts and the moon, wending their way through thumping grooves and burbling electronic bass lines. This upside-down world is the habitat of That 1 Guy (aka Mike Silverman), a California-based one-man band whose newest album turns nonsensical riddles into serious galactic party music.

When Silverman seductively snarls, “the deeper the water, the deeper the freeze/the sweeter the blood is, the fatter the fleas” it doesn’t matter the metaphor—something about it seems delightfully dangerous. However, despite an album gorged with energy, the record can’t possibly communicate the one aspect that makes Silverman so distinct: an instrument dubbed the “magic pipe.” Silverman (a classically trained bassist) plays his music on a self-created, seven-foot-tall device made of strings, pipes, switches and pedals. The idea of the “magic pipe” is as intriguing as the album, making The Moon is Disgusting an alluring peephole into what is surely a much more fantastic live show. (Erika Fredrickson)

That 1 Guy plays The Loft Thursday, Sept. 6, at 9 PM. Cover TBA. Call 728-6686. 

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