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The Barn Burner blowout is everything under one roof—without the roof


They just don’t put enough hours in the day for Mod, one third of the brain trust behind the Enlitenment Project 2000. This morning, he’s off to Helena to straighten out some last-minute paperwork for his organization’s latest blast writ large—the Halloween Barn Burner, Saturday and Sunday nights at the Go West Drive-In.

He had to cancel our interview, but maybe it’s just as well. We’ve yet to invent the technology to interview someone who punctuates the volumes of Stuff On His Mind with bursts of maniacal laughter and strange monotonal interjections. Half the time, I can only nod politely and stare blankly. I just don’t have enough fins and flippers to adapt.

But Mod’s taking care of business, anyway, and so must we. The Barn Burner promises to be a typically atypical EP 2000 production, an everything-under-one-roof collection of electronica, funk, punk, bluegrass, trace emo elements, light shows—who knows what all will pop up this time? Working backwards on the list we’ve got: In the Smooth Criminal tent (one of four heated tents—two for bands, two for DJs), Saturday night will feature Portable Winter (former members of Kitico Vitalis, Ballantrae, et. al.), Evaro Hill anthem rock from Mike and Rick, garage mayhem courtesy of the Everyday Sinners, the mellow stylings of ’84 throwback sweethearts Humpy, the Evaders and the Stewarts. Sunday night’s lineup should include (these bills aren’t set in stone yet, only Nerf) recovering progmongers Cicada, the Rhythm and Booze Soul Review, the Disappointments, the Squares and (new band alert! new band alert!) Sharky, with former Spanker members Bob Marshall and Cynthia Laundrie, on guitar and drums respectively, and KBGA’s Neurotic Noriko on vocals. Couldn’t you just plotz?

The aptly-named Thriller tent will also feature some big-time talent—some imported, some homegrown—on both nights. The New Orleans Juice (that’s just plain Juice to their friends) have played with the likes of Widespread Panic and Galactic, and on Saturday night they will introduce Missoula to that “fresh organic funk,” like they like to do it Southern style. Locals Abendego and Ritmo Six will be opening. Sunday’s program lists the Floodplain Gang, spoken very highly of by members of the Cold Mountain Rhythm Band, with whom they’ve occasionally swapped members and who will also be playing. Cash For Junkers round out the bill. The program says the Thriller tent will be open from 12 p.m. until 4:20 a.m. both nights.

Reams and reams of top-shelf DJs in the Billy Jean and Beat It tents: Connecticut’s Tom Grinn, 3PO from New York City and Johann Afterglow, flying all the way from Sweden for the second time in the past three months to drop the chronic beats on Missoula, Gothenburg style! The Don’t Panic Records Crew will be there, too: Gruv 42, Major Terror, Tobin and all the usual suspects.

So get those tickets already—whaddya, a scaredy-cat?
Tickets to the Barn Burner are $15 per day, $25 for both days, available at Ear Candy, Rockin Rudy’s, Kettle House and Rainbow’s End. Heated tents! Friday night pre-party at the Moose Lodge costs $5. Call 829-1800.

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