The Beets evoke cherry popsicles, hot cement, and garage doors opened to gangly kids playing in afternoon bands to the chagrin of adult neighbors. Maybe that never happened except on "The Wonder Years" and "Freaks and Geeks."

The Jackson Heights, N. Y. garage rock band knows how to make a good song—one that seems classic in a sort of fuzzy, non-invasive way. I can listen to the songs and not think at all about anything but blue skies and clouds, as though my memory has been erased. Sometimes they sound like early Stones or Lou Reed. Sometimes they evoke Atlanta's snotty-but-smart glam garage band, The Subsonics.


The substance is there. "I Think I Might've Built a Horse" is a dreamy garage tune, played from a slightly warped record from a teen basement party. Or, on closer listen, it's the creepy bright music blaring from slightly muted speakers in a horror film, with lyrics about bones and blood.

The Beets plays the Badlander Tuesday, May 24, at 9 PM with Eternal Summers. $5.


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