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The Blind Shake




The Blind Shake evokes post-punk bands like Fugazi and next-wave garage bands like Canada's the Von Zippers, but they're also their own animal (even if in "I'm Not An Animal" they deny being animals or mermen).

The Minneapolis trio melds shimmy-shake rock with thrashy outbursts and sludgy intercessions. Listening to the latest album—which comes out this month—is like a carnival fun house: trippy, unnerving, and amusing. Should you dance your brains out or go out and cause a riot? Either one will do.


"Hurracan" is a fast clip, garage surf song that takes the Dick Dale sound and scuffs it up a bit with echo-y vocals that maybe say: "I want your love" or "I want your blood." Either way, it's romantic in a dangerous sort of way. Maybe it's because they include a poppy "bop bop" lyric in "Sold My Beatle A" that it makes me think of the Ramones. Not for long, though. Each song is under three minutes and often just over a minute. I respect bands that make it short and sweet. As always, it makes me want more. And, rumor has it these guys put on a serious live show. That's where I plan to get my next buzz.

The Blind Shake plays the Palace Wednesday, July 6, at 9 PM with Shahs and 10yoGF. $6/$5 advance at Ear Candy.


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