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The Captain Wilson Conspiracy



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Don't you ever wish a live soundtrack just followed you around? The moments when you need it most seem the quietest, and breaking the awkward spell would be so much easier with a rad riff, right? Here's the house band for your head, and all they need is a few minutes to set up.

Taking some cues from ambience bands like Zero 7, The Captain Wilson Conspiracy destroys the assumptions of jazz as bygone and unoriginal. On the Missoula group's album, Electrickeries, there's no sax or crooner, but that penchant for formless improvisation still pervades. It's experimental jazz in all its noisy glory. Keyboard-driven and sample-sourced, the live-recorded album is occasionally brilliant alongside moments of what sound like something from a Hitchcock drama. Tracks like "The End of Time/Some Other Time" take an elevator from comfortable background noise to a nightmare, while "Messaien Around" brings in a cello for an added creepy bonus.

The emphasis on "experimental" might scare one away. Don't let it. The dissonance is always temporary. Think of Electrickeries like turning on KBGA. Who knows what those wacky college kids are listening to these days—the spontaneity might offer good surprises for you.


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