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The Casket Girls

True Love Kills the Fairy Tale



People say that shoegaze is depressing, but really it's just true. The drugs start fun and become a chore; the dancing goes from two-three-four to a fuzzed-out shuffle, and—as the title of The Casket Girls' second LP reminds us—True Love Kills the Fairy Tale. That's how life is. You can laugh, but listen to producer Ryan Graveface's synthscapes for a few hours in late February, and you will find yourself nodding ruefully.

At first I was skeptical of claims that The Casket Girls wrote True Love Kills the Fairy Tale during an overnight acid blackout, but the lyrics bear the mark of automatic writing. Drifting over Graveface's big, lumbering beats, they sound like Digital Ash in a Digital Urn if all the things that depressed Conor Oberst were vaguely sexy.

Here lies the secret to The Casket Girls and possibly all good shoegaze: neurasthenic and grim it may be, but you can still dance to it. You can't have the hangover without the fun, and True Love Kills the Fairy Tale is great hangover music. It mumbles and thumps from the depths of something massive, but it is remembering something satisfying and light and—dare I say it?—fun.

The Casket Girls plays the VFW Fri., Feb. 28, at 9 PM for the Graveface Roadshow with The Stargazer Lilies and Dreamend. $8, available at Rockin Rudy's.

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