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The Devil Makes Three

Do Wrong Right



Finger pickin', whiskey lickin' music proves a difficult style to evolve. It's not thinking man's music, for one thing, and it's mostly at home in gritty barrooms filled with sloppy patrons boot stomping the night away. But as long as alcohol flows as freely as hormones, quality rockabilly and country blues will never go out of style and will always prove pleasurable.


Pete Bernhard, Lucia Turino and Cooper McBean, aka The Devil Makes Three, deliver a tried and true, old-timey roots formula on their new album, Do Wrong Right. The result is music that will surely get even the bashful on the dance floor.

To be critical, Do Wrong Right almost sounds like one long uninterrupted song about angst, booze, death and sex. The one exception comes from the minor-key waltz "Johnson Family," which sounds more like an eastern European carnival tune than a barroom shuffle. But even with its repetition, Do Wrong Right does more right than wrong. Pass the Evan Williams please.

The Devil Makes Three plays the Badlander Monday, Oct. 26, at 9 PM with Mason Jar String Band and Cottonwood Draw. $12.


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