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The Electric Dandelion

The Electric Dandelion



Several indicators point to the presumption that The Electric Dandelion's newly released EP was, through and through, a low budget, DIY project recorded in the basement of some seedy Missoula house. Everything from the album cover art, which appears to be drawn in with a black magic marker, to the scribbled title on the CD itself, not so subtly reveals the homegrown work ethic that this local group tends toward. That said, throughout its cloud of psychedelic guitar riffs, slow burning electric jams and Lou Reed-styled vocals, The Electric Dandelion proves a sure and able level of musicianship throughout this four-song set.


The first track, "Moon Shadow Sutra," finds the group experimenting with sound patterns and playful instrumentation for nearly 10 minutes. In a slight diversion, the subdued country waltz "Rusty Gumball" includes the drawling vocals of lead singer "Nri" surfacing beneath a solid guitar rhythm. "It's sure been a while since the concrete we walk on was painted in gold," sings Nri. "Reminds me of a dusty gumball rolling out your back door."

A higher quality of recording would do wonders for the other substandard jams, but there's still enough promise in this effort to take notice of the band.


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