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The Forecast


The Forecast
In the Shadow of Two Gunmen
Victory Records

In a head-on collision of emo indie rock and Americana, the former is a 16-wheeler and the latter a fly splattered on the windshield. There’s no easy mix, no subtle combination of the two genres, at least not in a single album. But damned if The Forecast doesn’t at least try on its sophomore effort. 

There are fist-raising anthems (“And We All Return to Our Roots”) and dusty, organ-filled ballads (“Some Things Never Change”). For every twangy fill (“Welcome Home”) there’s an equally heavy riff (“One Hundred Percent”). Some songs are dead-ringers for something by Foo Fighters (“Everything We Want to Be”), others come across as castoffs from The Jayhawks (“You’re My Needle”). The Forecast is like some indecisive teenager choosing between his own angst-ridden friends at an Aiden concert and his yuppie dad’s CD collection.

That’s not always a bad thing. In the Shadow of Two Gunmen has its moments, and they’re usually a result of the dual vocals from guitarist Dustin Addis and bassist Shannon Burns. When Addis takes the lead, as he usually does, Burns’ soaring soprano harmonies add a whole new dimension. The Forecast may not have found the formula for a cohesive album and sound yet, but within this collection are a few individual gems. (Skylar Browning)

The Forecast plays Higgins Hall with Bozeman’s 1090 Club Sunday, July 1, at 7 PM. $8.

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