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Five long years after their debut, indie rock band The Graze has returned with Give/Sell. Their first album, Iowa Anvil, earned Louis O'Callaghan's one-man Seattle act comparisons to the likes of Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Radiohead. His second venture remains true to those roots, and, for fans of indie and folk rock, will not disappoint.


Despite its somewhat recognizable sound, Give/Sell has plenty of distinctive qualities, and a masterful blend of blues and grunge distinguishes it from others in the genre. "Apartment" is Nirvana-esque in both guitar and vocals, and songs like "Second Sight" and especially "Canyonland" sound as if they would fit right in on the Beatle's White Album. O'Callaghan's control of his voice is powerful and moving, particularly in "Bastards," and while at times rough, he can take on a soothing, lullaby quality.

After an upbeat and intriguing first half, the album settles into a recognizable Pacific Northwest indie rock melancholy. Though familiar, Give/Sell is an enjoyable collection of songs, even more so because if you join The Graze's mailing list, it's free.


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