The Grizzled Mighty, Skin Flowers, Shahs

When: Fri., May 17, 9 p.m. 2013

Seattle duo The Grizzled Mighty is sometimes billed as “blues rock,” but the adjective doesn’t quite hit the mark. My mother likes blues rock, and my mother would not care for The Grizzled Mighty. She’d be put off by the cover for its latest release, Thick Hand Grip, which is an illustration of a hand holding three, um, thick and veiny-looking long objects. Thick Hand Grip’s five songs are sludgy, drawn-out and hypnotic in a way that reminds me of some metal bands. Ryan Granger’s echoey vocals are overshadowed by his twisting, jammy guitar work and drummer Whitney Petty’s determined skin-pounding. The Grizzled Mighty takes an admirably irreverent approach to infusing rock with blues, which might offend anyone drawn by the “recommended if you like The Black Keys” descriptions. If this is blues rock, it’s blues rock for head-banging and slam-dancing. It’s low-down, trashy and sweaty. It sounds like it has the potential for an excellent time. (Kate Whittle)

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